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Refreshing Branding Image


Refreshing Branding Image

As Academy 147 approaches 8 years of service, we felt that it was a good time to refresh our brand image.

As Managing Director, Andrew Trinchero, explains:

“Academy 147 has come a long way from its startup days and needed to reflect this by refreshing our branding image. Since 2020, we have established ourselves as one of the first Part-147 schools in Business Aviation, to embrace Virtual Classroom learning and this gave us a boost in the market.  2021 was a growth year for us as we hit a new company record in the number of training courses delivered.  We envision lots of new opportunities in both domestic and international markets.  Having launched several new self-directed e-learning courses where students can watch video tutorials and learn at their own pace, we can hand-on-heart forecast 2022 to be even more exciting for the company”

The design chosen is a modern design, reflecting the progress that Academy 147 has achieved but still resembles our original logo and color scheme, to reflect how Academy 147 has also managed to stay true to its roots and values. The feather has also been encircled to indicate the wider global presence that the company has managed to build since its humble beginnings. The chosen type face is bold, yet refreshing, to draw the attention to the words Academy 147, which has become a symbol of prestige in Business Aviation Maintenance Training around the world. 

As part of the whole image overhaul, we have also launched a brand-new website.  This new website comes with a variety of features and new content.  One of the main elements of the new website is a user-friendly course search engine, whereby visitors can easily filter through, by aircraft type, course type, regional certification.  This allows customers to find the training they need in an easier way.

Due to the fact that Academy 147 is a fast-moving company, with ever-changing schedules, we have designed an interface to make it easier for us to keep our customers up to date with the latest training courses, that can immediately be reflected in our online course search engine which will be updated every day.


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Refreshing Branding Image

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October 2021

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