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Special Mission Operators


Special Mission Operators

Level 3

Academy 147 is a bespoke maintenance training organization. We have been trusted by many special mission and military operators to provide a variety of training solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We are able to provide training on-location, virtually anywhere with a program that is custom built and tailored to the operator.


On successful completion of one of our Level 3 courses each participant will have gained knowledge on:

  • Performing scheduled maintenance tasks, functional tests, service ground handling and removal/installations of various components.
  • The aircraft’s systems, major components and locations, their operations, functions, as well as the appropriate maintenance and troubleshooting methods.
  • Utilizing the aircraft’s technical documentation including maintenance manuals and other approved data.
  • Common maintenance snags and in-service defects related to the particular aircraft type.

Knowledge Delivery

The knowledge delivery of this training can be given in a variety of different levels.  We generally offer Level 1 training for support staff and Level 3 training for technicians.  The training is based on the standard configuration of the “green” aircraft.  We use a variety of visual media, wiring diagrams, troubleshooting exercises, and more to enhance the students’ overall learning experience.

In cases where an aircraft is available, we can conduct live demonstrations to give students a better hands-on understanding of the aircraft systems.

We prefer a “Practical hands-on” approach to maintenance training. Each of our instructors is actively working on the aircraft and is up to date with the latest in-service developments.


Upon completing one of our courses and successfully passing the necessary examinations and assessments, participants will receive a Certificate of Recognition/Completion from Academy 147. Currently Academy 147 is approved/accepted to issue certificates under the following authorities:

  • FAA IA Renewal Accepted
  • EASA Part-147
  • GCAA CAR 147
  • CAAS SAR 147
  • DGCA CAR 147

In addition to the above, we can also accommodate several other international regulatory requirements including EMAR as well as other Military
Aviation Authority (MAA) requirements. Over the years, we have had our courses accredited and approved by numerous regulatory bodies.

Practical "Hands on"

Our training can be a combination of classroom and aircraft-based training.

In addition to the classroom Theoretical training courses catering for special mission operators, we also offer an optional but recommended Practical “hands-on” add-on, where one of our instructors will guide students and advise them while performing a series of routine maintenance tasks.  This can be fully customized and integrated with a maintenance input.


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