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Line Maintenance Training


Line Maintenance Training

1 Week


Our line maintenance training courses cover the essential LRU items, basic troubleshooting and provide an overview of the aircraft’s systems, technical documentation, and important maintenance practices related to the airframe and more.

In addition to the above, a strong emphasis is given to performing specific tasks in accordance with the AMM and other available technical data, so that students can gain the knowledge necessary to be efficient and confident with day-to-day line maintenance items.  The specific tasks can be chosen by the customer.

Knowledge Delivery

We use a variety of visual media, diagrams and other training aids in conjunction with our training manuals to provide interactive learning sessions. In many cases, we also have access to the aircraft and can conduct live demonstrations to give students a better hands-on understanding of the aircraft systems.

We prefer a “Practical hands-on” approach to maintenance training. Each of our instructors is active in the field and up to date with the latest in-service developments.


Upon completing one of our Line Maintenance courses and passing the required assessments, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion with an FAA acceptance code.

Multiple assessments will be conducted to ensure that the participant is confident and capable of performing routine line maintenance tasks, troubleshooting, and effectively navigating the aircraft’s technical documentation.

Practical Element

Line maintenance training can be a combination of classroom and aircraft-based training.

In addition to the one-week course, we also offer an optional but recommended 3-5 day Practical “hands-on” add on, where one of our instructors will guide students and advise them while performing a series of routine maintenance tasks.  This can be fully customized and integrated with a maintenance input.


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